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Aww, so cute!


First of all, Princess Leia is adorable! But... what about that bucket! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! Where did you find it?!

Molly Bea

cute cute cute!!!

Grandpa D

Take it from wise Ol' Man, your Dad. You don't want to be around your children if you give Princess Leia away. I said, "if", because if their Dad is as attached to this little cutie as he is to the Patamae Queen doggy, He may be whaling more than the kids. Maybe Grandpa and Grandma D should have her in Michigan so we will get visits more often and pressure to move back to Georgia so the grandkids can see us . . . Grandma will probably do better with Leia than she does with flowers.

Grandpa D

Excuse me, "Padme". Grandpa will spell your name correctly from now on....


Naomi was reading over my shoulder when I said "Well isn't that cute!" She replied with "And that's why I want to get a dog." When I ponted out that I meant the bucket, she was very disappointed.


The bucket is from TJMaxx. I thought the bucket was super cute too, sorry Naomi. However, I do think your mom should get you a puppy. I know just the right one. Come to GA and we will hook you up!

Jenny Duffy

Love the puppy....AND the colorful bucket!


Guess the bucket is upstaging the princess. I thought I'd be the only one to inquire about its origin. Puppys cute too.


awwwww... how cute is she

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