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So creative! Loved the idea when I saw it on the Shootsac blog!

John Deckrow

Sara, you are sooo creative - Your Proud Dad. You have to get Marsha's pledge for the Shootbag website. It really makes the picture complete.

John Deckrow

marcia tumminaro: "i pledge allegiance to the shootsac, of the united states of america. and to the lenses, for which it holds, one camera, under digital, with quality and beauty for all!"


way to go sara! and for some reason this post has me giggling out loud here at my computer. i can totally see you getting your flag pole down, replacing the flag with the shootsac and so on. hilarious! which one you getting?

yay! congrats sara! i put one on my birthday wish list!


hooray! way to go for it! i always try to drum up ideas for those contests, but never come up with anything.

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