Senior Rockstar Video

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Sign me up! I forgot to get my Rock Star photo taken while I was there. Fill up that iCal!


That is pretty amazing. My background is really marketing, not photography, so I just had to tell you how awesome your whole concept is and the execution is great!


Love it.. such an awesome idea


great concept, photos and marketing of it!! i wanna be a senior again for that! =)


Hey Sara, I know I have not commented in a while, but when I saw this I knew I had to. I LOVE IT!!! You are so creative. WOW!!
We missed not being on the cruise with you guys. Next time though we are definitely in. Hopefully I won't be pregnant and living in a different country next time. Although I don't think my pregnancy would have held me back from going even if I had to be next to you two skinny minnies. At least I would stand out in pictures.


This video is so great, love to see you in action. The photo's are fantastic from that session, and btw you look beautiful!


Sara, You are a God :)..well done!

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